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French cuisine is it at stake?

For the 3rd year in a row, Michelin guide ranks Tokyo as the city with the most top class restaurants. Tokyo holds 11 3-stars and Paris follows with 10. French TV channels are in shock. Ah ah ah. What a fuss. Tonight, they are all passing the news on. There was even an “expert” who tried to explain the shame that Tokyo has 160 000 restaurants against only 40 000 in Paris. So it’s not big a deal.

First McDo set up at Le Louvres. Now that. Ah ah ah. French cuisine is it at stake?

Michelin guides are due to release by late november.


La Reine des Prés, trendy salon de thé

La Reine des Prés (‘the countryside queen’) is a trendy salon de thé/ restaurant belonging to Carine Veyrat, the daughter of… The architecture and soft colors of the house built onto the mountain. The wild flowers, the bicycle parked just outside, the simple stairs, the olive tree at right with its large pot. It looks like a dream countryside house. You want to come in, don’t you?


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Mac Café


Today, I gave a try to Mac Café. I am a coffee lover. I was probably 6 when I enjoyed my first coffee at my grand parents’. It was only water of coffee, but it was sufficient to make me feel grown-up. Since, I went thru filtered brewed coffee to espresso and now Nespresso.

Sipping espresso is a sensory experience. Seeing the golden foam, smelling the grilled, well rounded flavor, tasting the acidity , bitterness and sweetness of different blends, touching the delicate foam with my lips, feeling the warm darken body flowing on my tongue and along my throat is my ultimate treat. Drinking coffee is a ritual. Read More …