Perfecting my hat closet

My mom used to wear hats when I was younger and I’d walk feet apart for no one to figure out we were together. It made us stand out from the crowd, things that no teen likes very much (love u mom). Now I like it (wear hats AND stand out). Good genes don’t lie huh? I think it’s a statement addition to one’s look beside being always useful. It keeps my ears warm during winter and in summer it will protect me from the bad UV rays and keep my face complexion even with my body’s. As I live in town, my face and hands get darker than the covered parts of my body, which is not very pretty.

This one’s from the French label Claudie Pierlot. It’s made of paper. It’s wide brimmed, supple and deep as I like them. I can stuff it in my bag without cracking it. When I pull it out, it recovers its shape.

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