Nowness’ fantastic food contest

The Nowness Fantastic Food contest is opened to everyone who likes good food and taking good photos to share them thru. Pics submission is yet closed, but votes continue until Jan 6th, 2011.

The 10 favorites will be included in a nowness guide on and the winner picked up by a panel of venerable judges will a Nowness contributors … which I’d love to!

I had fun taking on the competition as I like good food, and I like photography. I shot this Pierre Hermé 2000 feuilles pastry on purpose for the contest. It’s one of my so guilty pleasures I avoid to indulge too often. It’s at least 10 000 kcal right in my buttock. Then, after having posted it, I noticed this link to post more… oh oh oh. My lightroom library is full of food pics. My friends don’t invite me anywhere anymore as I keep them from eating until I take a good pic of their plates (I’m kidding… I have no friends. ha ha ha). I browse it all to find the delicious things I wanted to share.

1000 feuilles is a common pate feuilletée based French pastry. Pierre Hermé made it its own stuffing it with grossly squashed almond butter in between brick leafs. The brick leafs tastes less butter-like than the pate feuilletée. That makes almonds taste stronger. It’s called 2000 feuilles.

Those giant pomegranates are from my November trip in Roma. It was the mushrooms I wanted to shoot at first. They were displayed in the streets of Roma at the front door of several restaurants. Eventually, after developing the pics on my monitor, it’s the red of the pomegranates that caught my eyes.

I had a slice of this delicious brioche at the 144 faubourg’s brunch, the restaurant of the Bristol resort, a few yards walking from Elysée Palace.

Yakisoba noddles from Happa Tei.

Croissants and pains au chocolat are guessed about in the foreground while focus is made on the jams behind at a Plaza Athénée breakfast. It looks even more desirable than having the pastry on focus.

A typical saturday lunch at home. I never have lunch home during the week. Then, when saturday comes, I like to keep it easy and have some meal that tastes healthy. No useless fat, no overcaloric carbohydrates, lean proteins and vegetables. This is pasta sprinkled with parmigiano, shrimps, steamed spinach and mashed carrots.

I like that the Internet gives chance to any Miss Do to enter a worldwide competition.
Come on! Vote. It’s fun!
My pics are page 11/22 of Fantastic Food.

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