I might want to consider elephant heels

You may have noted that stilettos are endangered species on the catwalk for the benefit of wedges, have you?

A never seen before breed that’s ramping in our fashion mind though are those ‘elephant” heels (can’t’ help but they make me think of an elephant foot). I’ve been rejecting the slightest, thinnest, unlikely possibility to have one crossing my walk in closet so far. That is, until this morning while browsing (dreaming about) fashion at breakfast.

Those are Camilla Skovgaard’s (the best) made of leather with lizard effect (not embossed! effect! much better). £385 at Net a Porter

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  1. Amanda says:

    They haven’t lated, but there are more wedges avery season, aren’t they

    • Gaelle says:

      So much that I’m considering buying a pair of wedge sandals. I love the Paloma Barcelo wedges sandals. They look elegant and quite comfy as the arch is not that high

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