A breakfast at Plaza Athénée, Paris

I had breakfast at Plaza Athénée, Paris a couple of weeks ago. It may seem posh as an habit. Let me say it’s damned worth the $90 I paid for.

It’s been 5 years, I guess, that having brunch is a trendy week end activity. A lot of restaurant have debuted their own. While the quality steadily falls down over time, the prices continuously rise. I won’t give any name that does that. Yet I am giving one, right here, that remains a wonderful experience. For the meals and the decor.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Everyday, I wake up 30 minutes earlier and save time to get a good starting.

Hence doing breakfast in a resort is the ultimate treat. Almost better than shopping on and errand. It’s an over the top bud’s experience in a mythic place at a reasonable price given that it’s an étoilé restaurant in a resort. (Yes I know, the breakfast is not étoilé, but Ducasse is. 3 stars buddy!).

Are you ready? Come on with me.

I start with the staff. Warm, considerate. They’re truely nice. I arrived. I felt home.

A breakfast at Plaza Athénée, Paris

Second, the place! It’s beauty.
Ok! I won’t decorate my home this way, but with the chandeliers. It’s my dream to get a chandelier like those home … one day

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

See, it’s almost mine: there’s my name just here, here, here and here!

A breakfast at Plaza Athénée, Paris

A breakfast at Plaza Athénée, Paris

The courtyard was nice from the window. It was still freezing out there.

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

First I  got this basket of breads. From left to right: croissant, chocolate bread, french raisin’s bread and another croissant. French raisin’s bread is made of pate feuilletée and rehydrated dried raisins. Usually, it’s stuffed with crème patissière to soften the taste. A caloric sacrilege since pate feuilleté is butterred enough. Here the pate feuilleté was wet with something-I-don’t-know-what wet and sweet. The raisins has been plumped out in a liquor. Maybe Rhum
At the rear, different kind of french baguettes and brioches. I’ll get back later to those brioches.
And a kouglof you cannot see.

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

I used to eat an egg almost every morning (Yeah I know. Yolk is cholesterol. But mine is fine so far). It’s rare that I make myself scrambled eggs since I’m not patient enough to cook them slowly to get them half cooked, still wet. Those melt in my mouth. I guess I got at least 4 days’ eggs here. The ham had a smoky taste without being smoked.

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

Egg of the day. Different every day. It was out of the menu. Half cooked with pumpkin and hazelbut purée.

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

Red berries juice. Free refill. Else, I got choice between pomelos, apricot or orange, and apple maybe.

Just in the back, grilled toasts. Crunchy outside, soft inside. Maybe, they get more serious equipments than the $10 toaster I get home.

A breakfast at Plaza Athénée, Paris

My chocolate pitcher.

One thing I was stunned with:  the place is designed for pics. Everytime I shoot indoors, I rework the photos to get the same colors than real life gives (or else to better them). Here, I didn’t need to. It’s like the place has been made perfect for shooting like perfect.

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

I got 2 pitchers: one with heavy dark thick chocolate, and one with milk. I usually like it thick and dark. I played to pour one thicker, the other lighter, and another thicker. What? Do you know a lot of places you can refill yourself as you want the way you want? Ok you can point out least one now! Thanks to whom?

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

They serve those mini jam pots at setting up with the breads’ basket. Don’t make fool of yourself trying everyone of them. You won’t get room enough. They’re delicious. ((You can leave with))

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

Coming back to those brioches. The dough was a pannetone, a soft and airy Italian brioche, stuffed with chocolate ganache, soft and slippery on the tongue, dark but not bitter at all.The ganache was a bit red colored as you see on the pic. I didn’t identify what was it due to.

A breakfast at Plazza Athénée Paris

Bittersweet berry jam.

A breakfast at Plaza Athénée, Paris

And because I’m a coffee lover, I needed one. To close the experience. I tried the american coffee once. Though it’s the Plaza Athénée, it’s as awful as every other american coffee is elsewhere. Sorry guys, but american coffee is definitely not my pick. What was interesting with this ristretto is it wasn’t a Nespresso. Parisians, have you noticed that Nespresso has colonnized almost every Paris’ café and restaurant. When i eat outside, I confess that I do not order other expressos than Nespresso and Lavazza (and McCafé, yes. But that’s valid only at Annecy). It’s just because I know what I pay for with those labels. For $3 a 1/3 fl. oz of coffee, I demand quality. I get back to Plaza. The expresso was obviously not a Nespresso. It hadn’t flavors as Nespresso has. Yet it was damned good. Velvet at the beginning. Strong on my tongue. Bitter in my throat.

Don’t be foolish. I don’t want you to really go enjoy Plaza Athénée breakfast. Because if you do, I won’t be quietly sitting and enjoying myself next time. Paris is so much crowdy that I really appreciate space I have all for myself there. If you come, and your friends come, and their friends hear about it. It won’t be the same experience!


I’m kidding.

I know yet most of you won’t come.

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  1. Gaelle says:

    They do. And the tabasco, the heinz and even a free refill of pastries. Come back next week. I’ll be posting about La Terrasse du Plaza’s club sandwich

  2. donbun says:

    Thanks Gaelle. Love your food reviews and look forward to the next.

    Do they pack the refill to take away or is that expecting too much? The pastries look delicious.

  3. Gaelle says:

    I should say no when I see the name of your website … but I say Why not. Go

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